Thursday's News & Ideas - 7/26/2018

  • Brief moment back in church
  • Q&A with new female ELCA bishops
  • Call for apostolic visit on clergy abuse
  • Immigrants boost Canada's religious life
  • Gentrification hits Mennonites
  • Martha Nussbaum on fear & democracy

How I made it back to church
The New York Times: For a brief moment on Easter Sunday 2017, 15 years after essentially abandoning Christianity in an act of self-preservation, Michael Arceneaux was able to experience religion the way he wished he always had.

'She is loose': A historic group of female Lutheran bishops on #MeToo and the Holy Spirit
Religion News Service: ELCA's six female bishops-elect gathered for a roundtable discussion about women in leadership in the church in the #MeToo era, and the challenges Lutheran congregations face in different parts of the United States.

Editorial: Addressing abuse, church must address the betrayal of community
National Catholic Reporter: It is time for an apostolic visitation to US church about clergy abuse.

New Canadians are injecting vigor into the country's religious life
The Economist: Compared with people born in Canada, newcomers to the country are much more likely to practice a faith, regardless of whether they were devout back in the homeland.

'No land for love or money': how gentrification hit the Mennonites
The (London) Guardian: Squeezed by encroaching cities and soaring land prices, Mennonites in Canada are once again on the move.

The Spark

Martha Nussbaum: Overcoming fear, embracing democracy
Philosopher Martha Nussbaum's new book, "The Monarchy of Fear," examines the politics of primal fear in the 2016 election. At JSTOR Daily, she discusses why she sees fear as a primal emotion, how fear polarizes Americans, and how she believes Trump "gets strength through fear."

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