Thursday's News & Ideas - 7/25/2019

  • ‘Unalienable’ rights commission
  • Mexican shelters harassed
  • Faithful career decline
  • China defends detention centers
  • Sainthood & racism
  • Emotion changes our minds

Faith groups urge State Department to abolish new ‘unalienable rights’ commission
Religion News Service: The letter decries “an artificial sorting of [rights] that are ‘unalienable’ and those to be now deemed ‘ad hoc.’”

Mexican shelters tell of harassment since U.S.-Mexico deal on migrants
National Catholic Reporter: The migrant flow through Mexico has diminished by 36.2%. Mexico's Foreign Minister attributed the reduced migrant flow to new Mexican immigration laws and sending a militarized police force to Mexico's northern and southern borders.

Your peak life now: How to face career decline with grace and faith
Christianity Today: The best way to prepare for our inevitable demise is a healthy focus on death, discipleship, and worship.

Xinjiang's Uyghurs didn't choose to be Muslim, new Chinese report says
CNN: China has delved back centuries in an attempt to justify its controversial policies in the far-western region of Xinjiang, where up to 2 million Uyghurs and other predominantly Muslim ethnic minorities have been held in vast detention centers.

Sainthood causes draw focus to black Catholics and need for justice
National Catholic Reporter: A dozen or so U.S. sainthood causes which advanced last month deal with racial issues.

The Spark

Why we can’t get people to act rationally
A philosopher’s witty, intelligent study argues that emotion, not hard reasoning, informs our beliefs and attitudes, The Guardian says.

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