Thursday's News & Ideas - 7/13/2017

  • Religion & environment in China
  • Best for Charlie
  • Laying hands on Trump
  • LifeWay dropping Peterson books?
  • Flag worship
  • Um, like, y'know

China's religious revival fuels environmental activism
The New York Times: Hundreds of millions of people in China have in recent years turned to religion, and now the nation's religious revival is helping fuel an environmental awakening.

The best for Charlie
Commonweal: What the Catholic moral tradition has to say.

Photo surfaces of evangelical pastors laying hands on Trump in the Oval Office
The Washington Post: A group of evangelical leaders met with President Trump on Monday and laid their hands on him as he bowed in prayer while meeting in the Oval Office.

LifeWay prepared to stop selling The Message over Eugene Peterson's LGBT comments
Christianity Today: The Message Bible, The Pastor, and the rest of Eugene Peterson's catalog may no longer be sold at LifeWay Christian Stores due to the retired pastor's revisited views on same-sex marriage.

What American flag-worship looks like to a new citizen
Religion Dispatches: Three weeks after Rosalind C. Hughes and her family moved to the United States her youngest daughter asked her, "Mummy, did you know that we pray to the flag every morning at school?"

The Spark

Pause fillers
We all use them, Ralph Keyes writes at The American Scholar. They are the verbal equivalent of a facial tic. "Um, like, y'know, sort of, if you catch my drift."

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