Thursday's News & Ideas - 6/7/2018

  • Women silenced for decades
  • SBC makeover?
  • Bakery case analysis
  • Infant mortality & faith
  • Black churches & payday loans
  • Self-help & art

Decades of marginalizing and silencing women have left evangelicals morally compromised
Dallas Morning News: A whole host of leaders, like fired seminary president Paige Patterson, have silenced and marginalized the voices of women for decades, says Peggy Wehmeyer. And that leaves her faith family morally compromised.

J.D. Greear is ready to give Southern Baptists a makeover
Religion News Service: J.D. Greear preaches an uncompromising faith in a straightforward, unapologetic fast-clip monologue. It's the same kind of unvarnished evangelical message he now hopes to parlay into what may be his new role, as president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Masterpiece Cakeshop baker wins, but the Supreme Court leaves key questions unanswered
Brookings: Richard Lempert argues that the Supreme Court, in its ruling on the Colorado bakery lawsuit, failed to take steps to resolve the tensions between First Amendment and nondiscrimination rights in the United States.
The New York Times: How the Supreme Court avoided the cake case's tough issues
Commonweal: The case for conscience

Infant mortality rates higher in areas dominated by conservative Protestants, study says
Baptist News Global: Newly published research has found that American counties with higher proportions of conservative and fundamentalist Protestants experience higher rates of infant mortality.

Black churches become a battleground in the debate over payday loans
The Washington Post: Pastors are divided over whether the short-term, high-interest loans are helpful or harmful in their communities.

The Spark

The role of art (or the limitations of self-help) in life and work
Wanting to better ourselves is a good thing, but as Mark Casper writes at Mockingbird, it's easy to get carried away -- to become so focused on self-improvement that we're plagued by the guilt of never measuring up to our own standards. Which is why, among other things, we need the arts.

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