Thursday's News & Ideas - 6/14/2018

  • Global religion age gap
  • Pence @ SBC
  • Intersection of faith & higher ed
  • SBC expulsion
  • Bishops on U.S. immigration policies
  • Two ways to read

Losing their religion: Younger adults are less religious, and not only in the US
Religion News Service: There are few spots around the world where parents don't have to drag their young adult children to worship: Ghana, a predominantly Christian county is one; Chad, a predominantly Muslim country, is another.
Pew Forum: The age gap in religion around the world

Mike Pence gave a Trump stump speech to a crowd of Southern Baptists, and it didn't go over very well
Slate: Vice President Mike Pence's appearance had been announced just a few days earlier and was met with unusual resistance by the overwhelmingly conservative audience of pastors and other church leaders.
The Nashville Tennessean: How seminary leaders are responding to Southern Baptists' #MeToo controversy

Faith and higher education can intersect in many different ways
The Economist: In the ecology of American higher education, there are many different relationships with religion.

An all-white church planned to give its building to a black congregation. Instead, they clashed.
The Washington Post: What started as an attempt to modernize a Georgia church led to expulsion from Southern Baptist Convention on the grounds of racism.

US bishops condemn immigration policies that separate families at border
National Catholic Reporter: Bishops begin spring assembly, decry Trump administration's recent policies.

The Spark

There are two ways to read, but one is useless
Reading isn't just a delightful hobby. If done well, it's also a virtue, Quartz reports. It teaches you more than just how to live and what to do; it teaches you how to see.

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