Thursday's News & Ideas - 5/3/2018

  • Trump's new faith initiative
  • Cone's theology
  • Scott Pruitt's faith
  • SBC scandal
  • KJV's French translator
  • Treadmill atonement machine

Trump to sign executive order creating new White House faith-based initiative
Religion News Service: President Trump plans to unveil a new initiative that aims to give faith groups a stronger voice within the federal government and serve as a watchdog for government overreach on religious liberty issues.

James Cone and becoming black with God
Baptist News Global: James Cone's statement that "We must become black with God" was not so much a comment on phenotypes and skin color but rather an unyielding declaration of the truth that God is always, always on the side of the oppressed, Amy Butler says.
The Christian Century: James Cone's theology is easy to like and hard to live

'On fire for God's work': How Scott Pruitt's faith drives his politics
NPR: EPA administrator's public statements and his record shows that his faith continues to inform his views of the environment and climate change.

The scandal tearing apart America's largest Protestant denomination
The Atlantic: A denominational leader's claim that abused women should remain in their broken marriages is forcing Southern Baptists to pick sides.


King James Bible's classic English text revealed to include work by French scholar
The (London) Guardian: Academic discovers contributions to the translation by Isaac Casaubon, who helped with knotty translation questions despite speaking little English.

The Spark

Treadmills were meant to be atonement machines
Treadmills are the top-selling piece of exercise equipment in the U.S., but will they make you a better person? As JSTOR Daily reports, the treadmill was invented 200 years ago in England as a prison rehabilitation device meant to inflict suffering on the incarcerated while also milling a bit of corn or pumping water.

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