Thursday's News & Ideas - 4/20/2017

  • Church-state playground brawl
  • Entreprenurial church
  • Christian women hashtag whirlwind
  • Easter, only the beginning
  • UMC legal debate preview
  • First world problems

In church-state playground brawl, justices lean toward the church
NPR: A clear majority of justices at the U.S. Supreme Court seemed troubled Wednesday by a Missouri grant program that bars state money from going to religious schools for playground improvement.
The Washington Post: The Supreme Court jumps into a playground fight over a phony war on religion

Why we need an entrepreneurial church
Commonweal: A Q&A with Chris Lowney, author of "Everyone Leads: How to Revitalize the Catholic Church."

Hashtag about Christian women unleashes torrent of emotions
Religion News Service: What a Christian author started on a whim rapidly turned into a whirlwind.

This is only the beginning of resurrection
Baptist News Global: Welcoming new life, the call and mandate of Easter, is so much more painful and messy than our Easter pictures make it out to be, says the Rev. Amy Butler.

Preview to the legal debate around gay bishop
United Methodist News Service: The United Methodist Church's top court next week faces a number of questions about the election of the denomination's first openly gay bishop -- including whether it should weigh in at all.

The Spark

In defense of first-world problems -- and the reasonable people who have them
Do you have a cracked iPhone screen? Did your takeout dinner arrive lukewarm? Is your vacation flight delayed? You may have a first-world problem. It may be a trifle in the grand scheme of things, but, as Quartz reports, your first-world problems still matter.

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