Thursday's News & Ideas - 4/19/2018

  • The graceful death of Barbara Bush
  • What adult learners need
  • Millennial philanthropy
  • Anti-Jewish rap furor
  • Beyonce mass
  • The day without news

Why Barbara Bush’s death matters
Religion News Service: The Jewish mandate is to seek healing, vigorously and aggressively. But if there is no hope for true healing, we must recognize that fact; abandon false heroics; and not subject someone to pain if that pain will yield no results.

What adult learners really need (Hint: It's not just job skills)
National Public Radio: They tend to thrive on the same kinds of high-quality learning opportunities that all college students do: small seminars, capstone projects, internships, a broad liberal arts curriculum.

Millennial philanthropy can teach Catholic Church three things
National Catholic Reporter: What can institutions learn from a generation that is not dropping money in the collection basket on Sunday morning, but instead is donating to their friends' GoFundMe pages and volunteering to serve lunch at the local soup kitchen?

Fury in Germany as rap duo with anti-Jewish lyrics gets award
The New York Times: The rappers received the award for best hip-hop album at Germany’s Echo Music Awards. The prize for the album, which contains lyrics referring to the Holocaust and Auschwitz, has set off an uproar with some winners saying they are returning their prizes.

Worship music: Special ‘Beyonce Mass’ to be held at San Francisco church
The Mercury News: This mass is part of the teaching series “Speaking Truth: The Power of Story in Community” at The Vine, a contemporary-style service that began last year and uses modern music in its teaching.

The Spark

The day without news
On Friday, April 18, 1930, at 8:45 p.m., people all over Britain settled in to catch the BBC News evening bulletin. But when they flipped on their radios, they heard a soothing announcement instead: “Good evening. Today is Good Friday. There is no news.” For the rest of the 15-minute time slot, the station played only piano music.

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