Thursday's News & Ideas - 3/9/2017

  • Pope's long game
  • Pastor burnout
  • Christian bakers, gay weddings
  • Synagogues & non-Jews
  • Salvation Army funerals
  • Just do less

Since 2013, Pope Francis has endeavored to shift church culture
National Catholic Reporter: The pope is playing a very long game, trying to shift the church's vision of its mission and its stance toward the world.

Burnout is a danger, whatever your church size
Christianity Today: Adam Weber exhausted himself trying to expand his little church, then again when he couldn't keep up with the growth.

Christian bakers, gay weddings, and a question for the Supreme Court
The New Yorker: The Court might not hear the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, but the issue at its core is unlikely to remain unresolved for long.

Conservative synagogues can now officially accept non-Jews as members
Religion News Service: Though some Conservative synagogues have already welcomed non-Jews as members, the body that governs America's second-largest stream of Judaism has now officially sanctioned the practice.

Salvation Army says entry into funeral business will help disadvantaged
The (London) Guardian: The Salvation Army has entered Australia's funeral industry, a move welcomed by consumer advocates concerned by a "long history" of unscrupulous providers taking advantage of the newly bereaved and a lack of competition.

The Spark

The secret to happiness? Simplify.
Can't find the time to play outside, see the world, and get in shape? Fortunately, streamlining your life -- and having more fun -- is easy, Outside magazine reports: just do less. 

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