Thursday's News & Ideas - 3/8/2018

  • Trump & Christian decline
  • Mainline's only hope
  • Romero cleared for sainthood
  • Hong Kong's guerillas for God
  • Rwanda church closings
  • What a 14-year-old left behind

Is God in this picture?
Commonweal: To the extent that conservative Christians bind themselves to this president, all of us will have a "front row seat" on the further decline of Christian influence in America.

It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)
Mockingbird: 23 Easters left for mainline Protestantism? Connor Gwin is hoping we aren't banking on that many.

Francis clears way for Romero to be canonized later this year
National Catholic Reporter: Pope Francis has cleared the way for slain Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero to be made a saint later this year or early next.

Guerrillas for God: how Hong Kong's pastors are delivering the message to China's Christians
Time: Many Hong Kong pastors defy prohibitions to cultivate a network of underground "house churches" in homes and workplaces in mainland China.

Rwanda closes hundreds of churches and arrests pastors
Religion News Service: A move by Rwanda to shut down more than 700 churches in its capital city, allegedly for building safety, hygiene and noise violations, is prompting accusations that the government of President Paul Kagame is trampling on religious freedom.

The Spark

This is what a 14-year-old girl left behind after she died in a mass shooting
BuzzFeed News reports that freshman Alyssa Alhadeff's bedroom is as she left it, with all the signs of a high school life: textbooks, nail polish, soccer cleats, and a sparkly dress in her closet from an important day.

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