Thursday's News & Ideas - 3/2/2017

  • Harlem's gentrified churches
  • Giving up Trump for Lent
  • Crisps, refugees & Lent
  • Uneasy about sanctuary
  • What best mentors do
  • Neighborhoods of strangers

Lamenting our gentrified churches
Religion News Service: So who cares if a few churches have to be razed to make Harlem "great again," right? F. Romall Smalls does.

Seriously, I am giving up Donald Trump for Lent. Here's how.
Washington Post: Instead of spending time consuming fear-inducing news, Diana Butler Bass is looking for both blessings and ways to say "thank you," which is deeply challenging in the current political environment.

Mrs. May has given up crisps for Lent. Helping refugees would be more Christian
The (London) Guardian: Doing without your regular salt-and-vinegar fix won't really bring anyone closer to God. But a change of policy over letting in refugees children would, says Giles Fraser.

Be careful how you offer sanctuary
Forward: Despite Jews' long tradition of welcoming the stranger, Jane Eisner is uneasy about "sanctuary." Does it represent a further politicization of religious life?

What the best mentors do
Harvard Business Review: Mentorship comes in many flavors. It doesn't always work unless leaders bear in mind a few common principles.

The Spark

Americans don't know their neighbors anymore -- and that's bad for the future of democracy
Today, the traditional social contract of privacy has been inverted, Quartz reports: where once Americans were anonymous to elites and transparent to their neighbors, now corporations know everything about them -- and their neighbors know next to nothing. And that has profound implications for the future of our country.

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