Thursday's News & Ideas - 3/14/2019

  • Holy Spirit in UMC divide?
  • TEC and UMC hit pause
  • Faith and tech habits
  • AoC warns of cultural imperialism
  • Singapore's innovation ecosystem
  • Deeper meaning in the lab

Methodists brought to verge of fracture: Did the Holy Spirit do this?
National Catholic Reporter: In the wake of the UMC General Conference, Ken Briggs wonders what the Holy Spirit, invoked on both sides, had to do with it, if anything at all.

Episcopalians, Methodists ponder full-communion proposal after UMC vote
Episcopal News Service: The controversial decision has put dialogue between the two churches in a kind of prayerful pause while both denominations discern the vote's impact.

Why faith groups are talking about our worst tech habits
Deseret News: Committing to reduce screen time may seem frivolous compared to fasting or Bible study, but developing a healthier relationship with our digital devices can also deepen faith, religious leaders said.
Religion News Service: Pundits repent of Twitter sins, apply faith to social media

Archbishop of Canterbury warns British Christians against cultural imperialism
Christian Today: British Christians need to be sensitive to their country's colonial past and how this might affect their witness in communities that once belonged to the Empire.

Creating a vibrant social innovation ecosystem
Stanford Social Innovation Review: Nurturing current and future leaders and improving governance in Singapore is transforming the entire business community and their collective social responsibility.

The Spark

What using animals for scientific research taught me about myself
When Justin Chen looked for the deeper meaning of existence, he found that he was too skeptical for heaven and hell, for deities and spirits. "The closest I ever got to a mystical experience was working with animals," he writes at STAT.

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