Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Praying in place
  • Lonely at the top
  • Parochial charters
  • Church in an uncertain age
  • Queen on the church's duty
  • Facts are stupid

Where am I? The middle-class crisis of place Christianity Today: Craig Bartholomew says staying in one place is key to our spiritual and community health.

It's time to acknowledge CEO loneliness Harvard Business Review, blog: Leaders owe it to themselves -- and more importantly, their organizations -- to make sure this isolation does not affect their effectiveness.

Proposed charter plays role in parish-school appeals Philadelphia Inquirer: As Philadelphia-area Catholic schools await word of their fates, a charter school has emerged as a factor in the appeals process for at least two parish elementary schools that are fighting to stay open.

Does the church have a future? Episcopal Café: Diana Butler Bass talks about the direction of the church in an uncertain age.

Queen says the Church of England is misunderstood The Guardian: At a multifaith reception at Lambeth Palace, the Queen says the church has a duty to protect all faiths.

The real miracle of Jeremy Lin CNN Belief blog: God probably has more important things on his plate than deciding the outcome of beauty pageants or sporting events. Moreover, at least some of Lin's story can be understood without resorting to divine intervention.

The Spark

Facts are stupid The essayist John D'Agata makes a provocative claim about the difference between story-truth and happening-truth in his new book "The Lifespan of a Fact". "If a mirror were a sufficient means of handling human experience," he writes, "I doubt that our species would have invented literature." D'Agata spent seven years arguing with his fact-checker at the Believer, Jim Fingal, over an essay about a Las Vegas teen who leapt to his death from the tallest tower on the Strip. "Lifespan" dramatized that battle over the line between true and false by printing D'Agata's original essay and his arguments with the fact-checker on the same page.

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