Thursday's News & Ideas - 2/8/2018

  • Religious lives of African Americans
  • Evangelicals @ interfaith conference
  • Conversation with Kate Bowler
  • Pope & sex abuse scandal
  • Transgender & church
  • Being a stand-in for God

5 facts about the religious lives of African Americans
Pew Research: For Black History Month, here are five facts about the religious lives of African Americans.

Evangelicals join interfaith leaders in Washington to promote religious tolerance
Religion News Service: At a conference to champion tolerance, speakers were surprised and delighted over the noticeable contingent of evangelicals, a group often associated with a negative view of Islam.

The truest, hardest thing
Bearings: A conversation with Kate Bowler.

Pope Francis' reputation on sex abuse 'has gone from bad to worse'
Religion News Service: Pope Francis has been an outspoken voice for people suffering on the margins, but his appeals on behalf of the downtrodden are being overshadowed by the way he is dealing with victims of clerical sexual abuse.
Commonweal: A time to judge

Transgender N.J. pastor to celebrate with historic renaming ceremony
Jersey Journal: Pastor who has been transitioning from woman to man since last summer will be called "Peter" for the first time Sunday in what will be a historic "renaming ceremony."
Detroit Free-Press: Mom says Riverview church tried to pray the 'demon' from her transgender son

The Spark

Being a stand-in for God
Melissa Musick Nussbaum has been thinking recently about how most of what she has learned about a right relationship with God has come from taking care of small children. These days the smallest child in her care is 13 months old, she writes at the National Catholic Reporter. "We have had a standing date each Tuesday since last August."

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