Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Let go of the past
  • Family Research shooting
  • Courts & religious disputes
  • Feelings in the workplace
  • Da Condom Father
  • Gen Y book lovers

Moving forward requires letting go of the pastReligion News Service: The way forward doesn't lie in some halcyon yesteryear. It lies in letting go of yesterday and pursuing what could be, even when the self-serving stand in the way.

Family Research Council guard shot by gunman in D.C.Washington Post: Armed intruder, spouting opposition to social conservatism, shoots guard at Washington headquarters of the Family Research Council.Washington Post: Poll: Religious groups divided on gun control, but united against guns in churches

Hebrew National must answer to lower authorityJewish Daily Forward: Kosher hot dog case raises question about courts' role in resolving religious disputes.

Seeing through your blind spotsHarvard Business blogs: At most companies, the unspoken expectation is that you park your emotional life at the door. But at what cost?

New Orleans pastor known as 'Da Condom Father' couldn't just watch people dieThe (New Orlean) Times-Picayune: Pastor had to choose between Baptist affiliation and distributing condoms. His nickname, "Da Condom Father," makes plain which option he chose.

The Spark

Gen Y: the most book-loving generation alive?So much for Gen Y stereotypes. Turns out they aren't sun-deprived geeks sitting alone in the basement, with only a controller, joystick, or keyboard, and the final level of Skyrim to keep them company, the Christian Science Monitor reports. There's a pile of books next to the game console, too.

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