Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Tribal churches
  • No-degree seminary
  • One-believer marriages
  • God is a question
  • Big trouble at First Baptist, Hammond
  • To pun or not to pun

Church tribalizationAmerica: Is the church immune to the powerful societal changes that are making us a more divided nation, or is it shaped by them? Or, is there another choice?

New seminary institute greeted with 'fear and faith' at annual convocationBangor (Maine) Daily News: 200-year-old seminary to end degree programs and become a center to equip and support clergy and lay leaders for effective ministry.

Making marriage work when only one spouse believes in GodNPR: Even when they believe different things when it comes to God, couples can find ways to accept and support each other's beliefs.

The London helicopter crash site, where no meaning can be foundThe (London) Guardian: Newsrooms may try to impose order on disorder, but the religion Giles Fraser knows isn't like that at all. God is a question, not an answer.

Megachurch connected to more abusive pastors than just Jack Schaap, claims reportChristianity Today, Gleanings: As First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, selects new leader, related cases of abuse resurface.Chicago: Let us prey: big trouble at First Baptist Church

The Spark

The pun conundrumTo pun or not to pun, that is the question. BBC Magazine asks, are puns the lowest form of wordplay, or an ancient art form embraced by the likes of Jesus and Shakespeare?

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