Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Va. Episcopal property ruling
  • S.Ct.: Religious employees exempt
  • Santorum: Catholic or evangelical?
  • Prayer, practice and belief
  • How to change culture
  • Kids: Natural altruists

Va. judge rules against conservative churches in property caseWashington Post: Virginia judge rejects arguments that seven break-away congregations should be able to keep church real estate that the Episcopal Church also claims.

Supreme Court: Discrimination laws do not protect certain employees of religious groupsWashington Post: Court rules that federal discrimination laws do not protect church employees who perform religious duties.Daily Beast: New Supreme Court ruling should end hysteria over religious liberty

Is Rick Santorum Catholic or evangelical? Yes.Religion News Service: Why is a Pennsylvania-born grandson of Italian immigrants who attends Mass in Latin emerging as the favorite of conservative Protestants?

You don't have to be religious to pray … but it helpsThe (London) Guardian: Religious rituals can provide real benefits, but try to separate them from the beliefs and they lose their potency and grip.

How to change our cultureAssociated Baptist Press: Jim Denison asks if Christians are so engaged in our culture, why is our culture in the shape it's in?

Pastor Ed Young, wife to stream time in bed on the internetNBC-DFW: Couple to eat, sleep, discuss sex in bed on top of church for 24 hours.

The Spark

Do you have the moral compass of a toddler?Are we born with a sense of morality? Or is ethical awareness something we arrive at only as we age? Yale psychology professor Paul Bloom argues that, contrary to conventional wisdom, human beings are not born as blank slates, moral relativists, or tyrannical brats, Big Think reports. His research suggests that kids -- even during the terrible twos -- are natural altruists who react instinctively to the suffering of others and go out of their way to help.

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