Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Thoughts before the election
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jesus Christ
  • Schuller defaults on home
  • Religion on the spaceship?
  • NCC's bold future
  • Astronomical number

Six thoughts before the electionAmerica: Six things to remember as we approach Election Day.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Christ?The New York Times: Does 4th-century papyrus fragment mean that Jesus was married? Probably not, says James Martin, S.J.CNN Belief blog: 5 questions and answers about Jesus' 'wife'

Former Crystal Cathedral pastor defaults on homeThe Orange County Register: The Rev. Robert A. Schuller is one of the latest homeowners to feel the effects of the nationwide housing crash.

Role of religion on interstellar space voyage spurs debateMSNBC: One thorny question in the monumental task of interstellar travel, experts say, is whether to involve organized religions.

NCC plans for 'bold future'United Methodist News Service: National Council of Churches task force is re-envisioning the organization as a streamlined "connector" among member churches and ecumenical partners.

The Spark

Astronomers finally agree: This is the distance from the Earth to the sunHow far away from Earth is the sun? Not just, you know, very, very far, but in terms of an actual, measurable distance? Until recently, scientists were able to make only a rough estimate, using techniques first used in the 17th century. But, the Atlantic reports, with little fanfare the International Astronomical Union has redefined the "astronomical number," Earth's official, scientific, and fixed distance from the sun .

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