Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Something on your forehead
  • Wrestling with malcontents
  • Dickens and religion
  • Don't say 'You're not a Christian'
  • Catastrophe of success
  • Kitchen detectives

Excuse me, you have something on your foreheadNPR: Greg Miller is not confused by the smudged foreheads he sees on the streets this time of year. In fact, he waits all year to see them.

A struggle that will resonateMemphis Commercial-Appeal: Sympathies go out to Second Presbyterian Church -- and everyone else who has had to wrestle with malcontents, grousers and thorny people.Memphis Commercial-Appeal: Unchurched: Longtime member faces discipline at Second Presbyterian

Charles Dickens and religion -- a tale of two viewpointsReligion News Service: Charles Dickens believed deeply in Jesus and in his moral teachings, but many of the novelist's most avowedly Christian characters represent the worst in religion.

Sorry, but I will never say that you are not a ChristianSan Francisco Chronicle, blog: As the political and religious rhetoric gets nastier, Pastor Bruce Reyes-Chow offers a confession and prayer that has been going through his head as of late.

The catastrophe of successHarvard Business Review: Something odd and interesting happens to a lot of people who become very successful.

How much Christianity is hidden in British society?BBC: As Lent starts, the debate over secularism vs. cultural Christianity is raging. But just how much of British culture is inspired by religion?

The Spark

Playing kitchen detectiveWhen Joseph Mooney saw the 1949 vegetable grater, he knew he had to have it. It was just like the one his mother used to shred cabbage for her coleslaw. Hit by a wave of nostalgia, he bought it and hit the kitchen. The shreds of cabbage came out exactly as he remembered. Now he is at work on the dressing, a secret his mother didn't reveal before she passed away. There's a new obsession at the intersection of genealogy and foodie culture, the Wall Street Journal reports -- reconstructing beloved, long-lost family recipes .

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