Thursday's News & Ideas - 2/14/2018

  • UMC churches & decision ahead
  • Army lessons on abuse response
  • Ky. bishop report on Covington students
  • Pope's reformer can't fix Church
  • Russell Moore on SBC's #MeToo moment
  • Heart-shaped box of chocolates

A flourishing United Methodist church considers a way out
Religion News Service: Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church in Lexington, S.C., will be considering its next moves after a special session of the United Methodist Church's legislative assembly later this month.
United Methodist News Service: What do United Methodists really believe?

What the Army can teach the Catholic Church about responding to sexual abuse
America: The path of "I'm sorry, trust me this time" won't work, says retired Army General James M. Dubik. Rather, the church must become trustworthy, and that means taking comprehensive corrective action.

Kentucky bishop says Covington students were not instigators
Associated Press: Investigators hired by a Kentucky diocese have found that Catholic school boys didn't instigate a confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial that went viral on social media.

The Pope's top reformer on sexual abuse can't fix the Catholic Church
The Atlantic: Cardinal Seán O'Malley has spent decades cleaning up after pedophile priests. Now he's once again found himself in the middle of a crisis.

Southern Baptists face their #MeToo moment
The New York Times: A report on sexual abuse has rocked the denomination. Russell Moore asks, how will it respond?

The Spark

How a heart-shaped candy box came to stand for love
Nothing says Valentine's Day like chocolate bonbons nestled in a festive heart-shaped box. After all, as Vox reports, hearts and chocolate are both romantic, but ... why is that again?

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