Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Burying Tsarnaev
  • Pope: No careerists
  • Cheerleaders' religious banners OK
  • Quietly dropping Baptist name
  • Church failure in Mo.
  • Grandma's rallying cry

Where are the Christians on burying Tsarnaev?Religion News Service: Christian leaders have fallen mostly silent as noisy resistance grows to the prospect that suspected bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev could be buried in local soil.NPR:  Undertaker: Slain Boston bombing suspect should still be tended to

No room for 'careerists' or 'social climbers' among clergy, pope saysReuters: Pope Francis says that clergy who are "careerists" or "social climbers" are doing serious damage to the Catholic Church.

Judge rules in favor of cheerleaders' religious bannersABC News: A Texas court judge says that no law "prohibits cheerleaders from using religious-themed banners at school sporting events."

For some Baptists, the name of the church is hindrance to saving soulsMiami Herald: University Baptist Church of Coral Gables -- now Christ Journey -- joins a growing number of Southern Baptist congregations that are quietly moving away from their denomination's historic name.

Pastor leaves his flock and a failed expansion project behind himSt. Louis Post-Dispatch: At first glance, it seemed like a tragic but familiar tale of a church getting too ambitious, growing faster than it ought. But some tell a different story.

The Spark

Celebrating grandmas and their cuisine from around the worldIf grandmothers around the world had a rallying cry, it would probably sound something like "You need to eat!" After hearing a similar comment from his own grandmother, photographer Gabriele Galimberti's photographed grandmothers in 58 countries with their signature dishes and ingredients, Slate reports. He calls the project, "Delicatessen With Love."

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