Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Young people & doubt
  • Bishops' credibility shredded
  • Rising anti-Islamic sentiment
  • God & Democratic platform
  • Faith, health & bias
  • Your avatar is texting

Steve Jobs, back to school, and why doubt belongs in your youth group curriculumChristianity Today: Research at the Fuller Youth Institute suggests unexpressed doubt leads young people to leave the faith.

Bishop: Catholic Church's credibility on abuse 'shredded'Religion News Service: U.S. Catholic bishops' point man on sexual abuse says that the situation is comparable to the Reformation, when "the episcopacy, the regular clergy, even the papacy were discredited."

Rising anti-Islamic sentiment in America troubles MuslimsCNN Belief blog: Muslims make up less than 1 percent of the U.S. population. Yet, say Muslim advocates, they are a community besieged.

Under pressure, Democrats restore `God' to party platformReligion News Service: Democrats vote to restore the word "God" to the Democratic national platform.

One-on-one: an interview with Dr. Augustus A. WhiteFaith & Health blog: Harvard med school professor talks about unconscious bias in health care and connection between faith and health.

The Spark

Putting words in Ronald Reagan's mouthWould you rather talk with Angelina Jolie than Siri? What if Ronald Reagan gave the RNC keynote address? A new technology that turns texts to video could make it happen, Fast Company reports. In the future, we might have a video presence that is divorced from our physical one.

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