Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Eroding church news
  • Theological ignorance in the pews
  • Rising anti-Semitism in Europe
  • Wesley busted in Wales
  • University presidents in peril
  • Adolescence & empathy

Church news outlets struggle to keep their editorial independenceReligion News Service: The closing of several Protestant denominational news outlets has played a part in eroding the standards of professional religious journalism.

Theological ignorance an embarrassment that should be remediedNational Catholic Reporter: Many Christians' understanding of God seems stuck at an elementary-school level and their knowledge of how the Bible came to be and what it means is close to zero.

22% of European Jews afraid to wear kippah, study revealsJewish Daily Forward: A quarter of respondents in a major survey of Jews from nine European countries said they avoid visiting places and wearing symbols that identify them as Jews for fear of anti-Semitism.

Bust of Methodist founder John Wesley unveiled in MonmouthshireBBC: The man who sparked off almost 300 years of non-conformist religious tradition in Wales has been commemorated with a bronze bust.

Campus life: presidents in perilU.S. News & World Report: The role of the university president is a precarious position -- and is becoming increasingly so.

The Spark

Teens are still developing empathy skillsThe teen years are often fraught with door-slamming, eye-rolling and seeming insensitivity, even by kids who behaved kindly before. Some parents worry that they're doing something wrong, or that their children will never think of anyone but themselves. But as the Wall Street Journal reports, research shows that biology, not parenting, is to blame.

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