Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Francis a rock star
  • Church in foreclosure
  • Poirot's audio Bible
  • Clergy union
  • Religion in the military
  • Muslims & Jews @ Auschwitz

Francis is a rock starBusted Halo: Well, it's official. Pope Francis is a hit, Michael O'Loughlin says.

Church in foreclosure? Make a planAssociated Baptist Press: Pastors whose churches have faced foreclosure say it's vital that they act and remember the church is not the building.

David Suchet records entire Bible between Poirot performancesThe (London) Guardian: Actor reads all 752,702 words of holy book for a 78-hour audio version.

All out, brothersThe Economist: When people believe they are ultimately working for God, do they have a right (like any other sort of worker) to organize themselves and demand fairer treatment from their earthly bosses?

Conservatives say religious freedom is 'under attack' in militaryReligion News Service: GOP lawmakers and conservative activists are rallying behind a measure to provide greater protection for religious "actions and speech" in the armed forces.

The Spark

"What happened at Auschwitz?"In May, for the second time in three years, Marshall Breger traveled with a dozen imams and other Muslim religious leaders to the concentration camps at Dachau and Auschwitz. Writing in Moment magazine, Breger says he learned many things on the trip -- about himself, his Muslim colleagues, Islam and human nature.

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