Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Remembering Gordon Cosby
  • Loaves & fishes & the budget
  • Pope: Nones can be allies
  • Northern Southern Baptists
  • Less valuable lives?
  • Secrets of bracket psychology

Remembering Gordon Cosby (1918-2013)Patheos: Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove remembers Church of the Savior co-founder Gordon Cosby, who died in Washington, D.C., yesterday at age 95.Washington Post: Archives: Activist D.C. church embraces transition in name of its mission

Interfaith clergy deliver loaves and fish to budget debateReligion News Services: Surrounded by baskets of fish and bread, clergy attack the Republican budget plan that came before the House.The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch: Clergy pushes Medicaid expansion

Pope Francis says the 'nones' can be allies for the churchReligion News Services: Pope Francis extends a hand to those who don't belong to any religion, urging them to work with believers to build peace and protect the environment.

Southern Baptists expand north with church plantsAssociated Press: Recent vigorous church-planting is part of a broader, denomination-wide emphasis at a time when overall membership is declining.

Doctors put lower value on lives of the disabled, study findsThe (London) Telegraph: UK doctors are more likely to allow patients to die if they suffer from a mental disability, report suggests.

The Spark

The four secrets of bracket psychologyDan Heath has never filled out a bracket in his life and knows little about basketball. But his book, "Decisive," offers strategies for making better decisions by dodging the cognitive biases and irrationalities that we are prone to. So, if a bracket is a series of decisions, then why not boost your odds using the wonders of psychology.

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