Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Papal tweets & the faithful
  • Hip-hop church
  • Dobson sustained by faith & hope
  • OT path to uniting Christians
  • More on UK Christianity
  • Sisters re-creating the past

The pope's Twitter blessing: not absurd or boring to Filipino migrant workersThe (London) Guardian: Bored, rich westerners may mock, but so far Pope Benedict XVI has made a success of his account.

From gang member to hip-hop church leaderNPR: It may seem like a hip-hop show, but it's actually church.

Pastor Ed Dobson says survival with ALS is mixed blessing; he's sustained by faith and hopeGrand Rapids (Mich.) Press: Twelve years after diagnosis with ALS, Ed Dobson looks forward to another Christmas -- and hopes for many more.

Book review: A path to uniting Christians in common missionUnited Methodist Reporter: In a remarkable new collection of Old Testament sermons, Fleming Rutledge calls for mainliners and evangelicals to realize their common identity in Christ.

Britain will miss Christianity when it's goneThe (London) Telegraph: Columnist fears that a Britain that is losing its faith is also losing some of its moral vocabulary.The (London) Guardian: The church has blown it. England's ticked that box

The Spark

Re-creating the past one picture at a timeAround the Web countless photos have been posted of adults re-creating childhood pictures. But as Slate reports, Helsinki-based photographer Wilma Hurskainen turned the trend into an obsession, enrolling her three sisters and occasionally her parents to re-enact dozens of photos from their childhood.

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