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  • Religion & prison
  • Clergy depression
  • Canterbury gets real
  • ORU eagle has landed
  • Smile in the office
  • Outside the red-blue habitat

Exploring the religious prisoner's dilemmaBig Think: America's extremely high regard for religion is matched only by her enthusiasm for mass incarceration.

Clergy at higher risk of depression and anxiety, study findsHuffington Post: Clergy are often relied upon to guide others through difficult times, but the very nature of their work could put them at greater risk of developing depression and anxiety themselves.

Justin Welby gets real on homophobiaThe (London) Guardian: Archbishop of Canterbury knows that young people detest anti-gay prejudice, and is telling his church. It's more than Rowan Williams did.The (London) Guardian: Young people think opposition to gay marriage is wicked, says archbishop

Christ Chapel; cheers turn to screams amid startling accidentChristian Post: Oral Roberts students went from hooting and hollering and chanting "USA!" to screaming in horror as a bald eagle let loose during chapel service crashed into a window and crumpled to the ground.

How to disarm a nasty co-worker: use a smileWall Street Journal: Hostile work environments cost companies in productivity, creativity; using the "no venting" rule.

The Spark

Coming across the mountainNot too long ago Pamela Haag found herself in a very deep red state. At Big Think, she writes about a common problem of everyday American life today, the navigation of immovable political battlements, on the rare occasions when either Red Citizen or Blue Citizen finds himself outside of his usual habitat.

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