Thursday's News & Ideas

  • New pope's challenges
  • Repeal the 2nd Amendment?
  • Church of the graffiti dome
  • Singles & church
  • Why should I trust you?
  • Edward O. Wilson on morals

The new pope's three key challengesThe (London) Guardian: An obstructionist Vatican, a chronic shortage of priests and a shrinking worldwide congregation: the list is daunting, says Andrew Brown.CNN Belief blog: Was Benedict XVI the right man for the job?

Repeal the Second AmendmentAmerica: Editorial: Jesuit magazine calls for repeal of the Second Amendment, saying the human cost is intolerable.

The church dome painted by graffiti artistsBBC: Spanish graffiti artist Raul Sanchez Araque has a varied portfolio of work under his belt, including countless works of old-school guerrilla graffiti and, now, a church near Barcelona.

Should single people be eligible to lead a church?Christian Post: Pastor Duke Taber still gets his "feathers ruffled" when someone attaches a stigma about singles.

Question for UMC: Why should I trust you?United Methodist Reporter: Walking into a church is an act of vulnerability. Why should I walk into your church? Why should I trust you with my spiritual life?

The Spark

Interview with Edward O. Wilson: The origin of moralsAmerican sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson is championing a controversial new approach for explaining the origins of virtue and sin, Spiegel reports. In an interview, the world-famous ant researcher explains why he believes the inner struggle between altruism and selfishness is the characteristic trait of human nature. How do we negotiate it? "We don't. We have to live with it. "

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