Thursday's News & Ideas - 12/7/2017

  • Trump's Jerusalem decision
  • Impact on Israel?
  • New free speech case
  • Muslim perspective on cake case
  • US split on wedding services
  • Beware of zombie Christmas

Religious leaders divided over Trump's Jerusalem decision
NPR: President Trump's declaration that Jerusalem is Israel's capital and his order to move the U.S. Embassy brought quick and sharply differing reactions from Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders.
Christian Today: Pray for Jerusalem: Why do Pope Francis and US evangelicals disagree so strongly?
The Atlantic: You can be an evangelical and reject Trump's Jerusalem decision

Why Trump's Jerusalem gambit will only hurt Israel
Forward: Yes, Jerusalem is Israel's capital. That is obvious. But something else is obvious too: Israel and the Palestinians are radically unequal negotiating partners.
Religion News Service: Don't mess around with Jerusalem

When the truth is unconstitutional
The New York Times: It hasn't caught the public's eye yet, but another free speech case on the Supreme Court's calendar boils down to this: when is it unconstitutional to require an entity that deals with the public to tell its customers the truth?

Supreme Court same-sex wedding cake case reflects split among American public
Pew Research: Roughly half (49%) say businesses should be required to provide wedding services to same-sex couples, and a nearly identical share (48%) say that they should be able to refuse to provide services due to religious objections.

A Muslim perspective on the Masterpiece Cakeshop case
Religion News Service: American Muslims not only have a stake in the outcome of the Masterpiece Cakeshop but must take a moral stand on it as well.

The Spark

Beware of zombie Christmas!
Zombies are everywhere, and their widespread popularity is a penetrating indication of the boredom and existential exhaustion of the Western secularist, Father Jeff Kirby writes at Crux. And so, while zombies are overrunning vast areas of our culture, they do not have to overtake Christmas.

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