Thursday's News & Ideas - 12/20/2018

  • Religious, secular & Bach
  • Bad priests
  • New Hebrew Bible
  • Ex-church as skate park
  • For-profit/nonprofit hybrid
  • Gifts of humility

There's more religion than you think in Bach's 'Brandenburgs'
The New York Times: To Bach and most of his contemporaries, secular and liturgical works were both religious: A central purpose of all serious-minded music, wherever performed, was to honor God

Bad priests, of all kinds, chase people away from Christ and the church
Religion News Service: More people leave the church because of bad priests than because of disagreements over dogma, says Fr. Thomas Reese.

After more than two decades of work, a new Hebrew Bible to rival the King James
The New York Times: The pre-eminent scholar Robert Alter has finally finished his own translation.

How a St. Louis church became a skate park
Atlas Obscura: Welcome to heaven on earth for skaters.

Should you be for-profit or nonprofit? Why not both?
Big Think: Cutting edge social innovators should consider hybrid models.

The Spark

The gifts of humility
What if knowledge is not power, but the opposite of it? If, for instance, to become properly human we need to run away from power as much as we can? As Costica Bradatan asks at the Los Angeles Review of Books, what if our highest accomplishment in this world came from the lowest existential station we could possibly reach?

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