Thursday's News & Ideas - 12/13/2018

  • SBC seminary & ties to slavery
  • Progressive Christians & the Apostles' Creed
  • Immigration & religious divide
  • Top cardinals & abuse scandal
  • Volunteer shortage
  • Best doesn't exist

Southern Baptist seminary report ties founders to slaveholding, white supremacy
Religion News Service: Founders of one of the nation's largest seminaries owned more than 50 slaves and said that slavery was morally correct, but an internal investigation found no evidence the school was directly involved in the slave trade.

Lost in the debate over Trump's silence during the Apostles' Creed: a bigger issue for progressive Christians
Baptist News Global: Progressive Christians can't afford to trash the Apostles' Creed unless we've come up with a fitting substitute, says Alan Bean.

Ferment at the frontier shows a chasm within America's world of faith
The Economist: The chasm between the religiously inspired left and the religious right is deep, and migration from the south is an equally intractable bone of contention.

Top cardinals embroiled in sexual abuse scandal no longer on papal council
NPR: The Vatican announced Wednesday that two cardinals have been let go from a papal council, the day after one of them was reportedly convicted of sexual abuse by an Australian court.
America: Cardinal Pell, top advisor to Pope Francis, found guilty of 'historical sexual offenses'

Volunteer shortage pushes Longview church to end food program
The (Longview, Washington) Daily News: It is a problem nonprofits across the nation are facing: They are finding it hard to replace the corps of aging volunteers who make their work possible.

The Spark

The best doesn't exist. A psychologist explains why we can't stop searching.
Given that we live in a consumer culture where you can get anything delivered to your door within hours, it is surprisingly difficult to buy things -- especially if you're determined to buy the best. At Vox, psychologist Barry Schwartz on what drives our collective hopeless quest for the best.

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