Thursday's News & Ideas - 1/18/2018

  • Evangelicals in Latin America
  • Bible quoters or Bible readers?
  • HHS plan for health workers
  • New monasticism in CoE
  • Pro-life > anti-abortion
  • Hellish e-waste dumps

Perfect marriage: evangelicals and conservatives in Latin America
The New York Times: How have evangelicals become so politically powerful in Latin America? The answer has to do with their new political tactics.

Have Bible quoters replaced Bible readers? Biblical interpretation in American evangelicalism tends to be trickle-down, from the entrepreneurial ministry pioneers to everyone else.

Trump to overhaul HHS office, shield health workers with moral objections
Politico: The Trump administration is expected to announce an overhaul of the HHS civil rights office as part of a plan to protect health workers who don't want to perform services for which they have religious or moral objections.

New monasticism: Why are so many young people choosing to become temporary monks?
Christian Today: Trend is developing across the Church of England -- "new monasticism," a rediscovery of an ancient religious practice.

Pro-life' must encompass more than opposition to abortion
Religion News Service: If being "pro-life" only means opposing abortion, we need a better conversation about the myriad ways human life is threatened today, John Gehring says.

The Spark

See inside the hellish e-waste dumps where old electronics go to die
As Fast Company reports, a new book, CTRL-X: A Topography of E-Waste, shows what happened to the world's old phones: They're in India, or Ghana, or China, being mined for precious metals in dangerous and unhealthy conditions.

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