Thursday's News & Ideas - 11/16/2017

  • Are seminaries relevant?
  • CoE bishops: CEOs or shepherds?
  • Ignorance of mocking Mormonism
  • Roy Moore & creepy Christianity
  • Assaults against Muslims
  • Plantation reunion in Mississippi

Are seminaries still relevant?
Baptist News Global: It is a "troubled industry," but the mission of a seminary matters more than ever, Molly T. Marshall says.

Bishops told to stop acting as CEOs 'chasing growth targets' and instead help depressed clergy
Christian Today: Church of England bishops must stop acting as CEOs "chasing growth targets" and return to being shepherds of their flocks, clergy are being told.

The ignorance of mocking Mormonism
The Atlantic: It's precisely the beliefs of Latter-day Saints that critics dismiss as strange which produce the behaviors those same critics often applaud.

Moore, Trump and the right's new religion
The New York Times: The "religious right" as an idea is dead, Charles M. Blow says. It has burned its cross and erected the golden calf of Trumpism in its place.
National Review: The enduring appeal of creepy Christianity

Assaults against Muslims in U.S. surpass 2001 level
Pew Research: The number of assaults against Muslims in the United States rose significantly between 2015 and 2016, easily surpassing the modern peak in 2001, the year of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

The Spark

'This is surreal': descendants of slaves and slaveowners meet on US plantation
At Prospect Hill in Mississippi, people came from as far as Liberia for an unlikely gathering that led to a scene of visible emotion. As The (London) Guardian reports, there was "a lot to talk about."

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