Thursday's News & Ideas - 1/10/2019

  • Disentangling faith from Trumpism
  • The 'dones'
  • Springsteen's faith
  • Mental illness & the church
  • Netherlands & religious right
  • Perils of short-termism

Conservative evangelicals attempt to disentangle their faith from Trumpism
The New Yorker: Karen Swallow Prior stands at the vanguard of a new movement of Christians looking to reclaim their faith from the regressive politics that have co-opted it.

Many Christians quitting church in search of relevant ministry
Baptist News Global: Most every pastor and church has heard of the nones, but it's the dones that have gotten the attention of Presbyterian minister and author J. Patrick Vaughn.

Bruce Springsteen's run for home
Religion News Service: As Springsteen knows all too well, escaping a Catholic past in the Irish and Italian enclaves of working-class New Jersey is not easy.

Mental illness and the church: some brief thoughts on some ways to engage better
Christianity Today: People are getting better at talking about mental illness, but there is still a stigma, says Ed Stetzer.

In the easy-going Netherlands, two worlds have clashed
The Economist: A tolerant society that also includes the religious right.

The Spark

The perils of short-termism: Civilization's greatest threat
At the BBC, Richard Fisher says that our inability to look beyond the latest news cycle could be one of the most dangerous traits of our generation.

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