Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Syria, a religious war
  • Demise of Southern Christianity
  • Amish chemo lawsuit
  • Bridging religion & art
  • The only shortcut, mentorship
  • Protestant work ethic

Syria explained: How it became a religious warCNN Belief blog: How did Syria go from an internal uprising to a wider clash drawing funding and fighters from across the region? In a word, Middle East experts say, religion.

William Alexander Percy and the demise of Southern ChristianityFirst Things: Even in the pre-World War II era, William Alexander Percy knew that a cultural religion is no religion at all.

Judge blocks bid to force Amish girl to have chemoAssociated Press: A judge has again blocked an Ohio hospital from forcing a 10-year-old Amish girl to resume chemotherapy after her parents decided to stop the treatments.

Wilshire Boulevard Temple launches a unique project to bridge religion and artLA Weekly: As part of a massive renovation-and-redevelopment campaign, 150-year-old Reform Jewish synagogue is commissioning or purchasing major works of art by blue-chip artists.

The one shortcut that exists in lifeBig Think: All of us are looking for shortcuts in life. But there is only one: mentorship.

The Spark

The Protestant work ethic is realWhy do we work so hard? For years Americans have been arguing over whether or not it has something to do with the country's religious history. Does a history of Protestant religiosity make us work harder? As Pacific Standard reports, we've finally got some answers.

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