Thursday's News & Ideas - 10/19/2017

  • Ditching evangelical label
  • Civil rights leader @ Duke Div
  • Catholics & UMC on church closings
  • Disappearing kids in CoE
  • Quebec bans burqa
  • Cult of Self

Why I am ditching the label 'evangelical' in the Trump era
The Washington Post: "Evangelical" or "mainline," "liberal" or "conservative," the adjectives we use to describe our faith have served to divide us more than they have defined us, says Amy Julia Becker.

Denied admission because he's black, civil rights leader urges Duke Divinity to confront its past
Religion News Service: Sixty years after he was denied admission on account of his race, the Rev. Gil Caldwell spoke at Duke Divinity School, urging it to confront its past.

Methodist experience in closing congregations offers lessons to Catholics
National Catholic Reporter: Massive consolidation of Catholic parishes has a familiar ring to mainstream Protestants who have been shedding congregations since the 1970s.

Too few children in too many pews, latest C of E mission statistics warn
Church Times: The average Church of England church has just three children attending, and the smallest 25 per cent have, on average, none at all.

Quebec passes law banning facial coverings in public
The (London) Guardian: The Canadian province is barring public workers from wearing the niqab or burqa and obliging citizens to unveil while using public transit or government services.

The Spark

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is the source of our self-obsession
Whether you know it or not, a powerful cult is recruiting you, Quartz reports. Cults display unwarranted admiration for a person or thing, and this one has chosen an especially irresistible figurehead: you.

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