Thursday’s News & Ideas

  • Polish cardinal dies
  • Guns in churches?
  • Revisiting Carl F.H. Henry
  • Americans worry about religious freedom
  • Crowdsourcing student loans
  • Shakespeare sonnets stored in DNA

Cardinal Jozef Glemp of Poland Is dead at 83 New York Times: Cardinal Jozef Glemp, spiritual leader of Poland’s Roman Catholics for 25 years, helped steer his nation through a historic and relatively peaceful transition from Communism to democracy in 1989, but was dogged by allegations of anti-Semitism, died on Wednesday in Warsaw. He was 83.

Central Arkansas pastors discuss need for guns in churches KARK 4 News: As legislators discuss allowing churches to determine whether people with concealed carry permits can bring guns into their sanctuaries, pastors are giving their take on the controversial proposal.

The man who birthed evangelicalism Christianity Today: One hundred years after his birth and a decade after his death, is it time to revisit Carl F.H. Henry? For many, the first question very well may be "Carl who?" Poll shows a double standard on religious liberty Religion News Service: Half of Americans worry that religious freedom in the U.S. is at risk, and many say activist groups -- particularly gays and lesbians -- are trying to remove “traditional Christian values” from the public square. Online marketplace offers an alternative to student loans Chronicle of Higher Education: Pave, a new online platform, allows students and young professionals to market themselves to potential investors in hopes of gaining financial support, networking opportunities and mentorship.

The Spark

Shall I encode thee in DNA? Sonnets stored on double helixEnglish critic Samuel Johnson once said of William Shakespeare "that his drama is the mirror of life." Now the Bard's words have been translated into life's most basic language. British scientists have stored all 154 of Shakespeare's sonnets on tiny stretches of DNA. As an NPR story explains, it all started in a pub.

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