Monday's News & Ideas

  • Fresh start for Anglicans?
  • Dublin Bishop: Secularization not bad
  • Fixing adult formation
  • Changing evangelicals
  • Rethinking his religion
  • Secondhand ear smoke

The Anglican church can start afreshThe (London) Guardian: Recent vote against the Anglican covenant is hugely significant. But are the bishops ready to listen?The (London) Telegraph: The Church is torn between new mods and old rockersThe (London) Telegraph: Twitter users invited to help choose the new Archbishop of Canterbury

Secularised society 'not entirely a bad thing'Irish Times: Growing secularization in Irish society is "not entirely a bad thing", says the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin.

Fixing adult formationDaily Episcopalian: Instead of wringing our hands about the state of adult faith formation, we should realize that a significant effort is happening online.

Evangelicals seek positive changeUSA Today: Not far below the surface, change is afoot in the ranks of a once-reliable GOP voting bloc and around that term, "evangelical."

Rethinking his religionThe New York Times: Frank Bruni reconnects with a college acquaintance whose life turned out much different than either had expected.

FAST finds power in faith and in numbersTampa Bay (Fla.) Times: The acronyms hint at a mission: PEACE in Polk County, HOPE in Hillsborough and FAST in Pinellas.

The Spark

Extremely loud and incredibly unsafeWriter A. J. Jacobs has become aware lately of just how loud our world is. The chirping text messages, the droning airplanes, the flatulent trucks, the howling cable pundits, the chiming MacBooks. And noise is no minor nuisance, he writes in the Wall Street Journal. It is one of the great underappreciated health hazards of our time -- the secondhand smoke of our ears.

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