Monday's News & Ideas - 9/18/2017

  • Better kind of faith
  • Rev. Lee's church responds
  • Seminary cancels Fr. Martin talk
  • Huckabee & Christian media
  • Adam & Eve & spiritual divide
  • Friends, the Rosetta Stone

Good religion
Slate: Here's what William Saletan learned from Michael Cromartie: In a world full of religious hatred, religious violence, religious oppression, and religious stupidity, there's a better kind of faith.

Church says it did not ask pastor who denounced white supremacy to leave
The (Raleigh) News & Observer: The Rev. Rob Lee's former church denies his claim that members frowned on his anti-white-supremacy message.

Seminary cancels talk by priest who urges dialogue with gays
Associated Press: Citing a social media backlash, the seminary at the Catholic University of America has canceled a talk by a popular Jesuit priest whose latest book advocates for more compassion for gays within the church.

Mike Huckabee and the rise of Christian media under Trump
The Atlantic: The former Arkansas governor has a new television show on Trinity Broadcasting Network, and a powerful first guest.

Would you Adam and Eve it? Why creation story is at heart of a new spiritual divide
The (London) Guardian: Research suggests a need to revise stereotypes when it comes to Christian belief in Britain.

The Spark

'Friends,' the sitcom that's still a hit in Major League Baseball
For some Americans, "Friends" endures as a cultural touchstone, a glowing chunk of 1990s amber. But its popularity stretched far beyond the United States, The New York Times reports. For some Latino baseball players it is something more: a language guide.

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