Monday's News & Ideas - 9/17/2018

  • Beth Moore & evangelical politics
  • Secrets to Osteen's appeal
  • Conservatism after Christianity
  • Dutch Catholic abuse cover-up
  • Avoid calling God 'he'
  • Remembering the Man in Black

The tiny blond Bible teacher taking on the evangelical political machine
The Atlantic: Beth Moore grew her flock by teaching scripture to women -- and being deferential to men. Now her outspokenness on sexism could cost her everything.

Why Joel Osteen, "the smiling preacher," is so darn appealing
Nautilus: So, what is it that makes Osteen different from the rest of us? What is the source of his magical magnetism?

Conservatism after Christianity
The New York Times: A new survey reveals the Republican Party's religious divide.

Dutch Catholic church accused of widespread sexual abuse cover-up
The (London) Guardian: 20 of 39 Dutch cardinals, bishops and auxiliaries "covered up sexual abuse, allowing perpetrators to cause many more victims," report says.

Church of England should avoid only calling God 'he', Bishop says
The (London) Telegraph: The Church of England should avoid only calling God "he", a bishop has said, as a survey found that young Christians think God is male.

The Spark

He saw our darkness
Last week marked the 15th anniversary of Arkansas icon Johnny Cash's death. The Bitter Southerner reassesses the Man in Black's career -- a life spent wrestling through music with the demons and saviors that haunt almost every Southerner.

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