Monday's News & Ideas - 9/10/2018

  • Evangelicals & toxic power
  • Black women & church
  • 6 things about High Holy Days
  • Dear Amy/Dear Abby
  • CoE's generational catastrophe
  • Bishops & parents

How Willow Creek exposed our sins
Religion News Service: The fundamental ailment of the evangelical church today is toxic power, says Kyle Strobel and Jamin Goggin.

For black women at church, it's more than the Aretha eulogy
Associated Press: A black pastor's controversial eulogy at Aretha Franklin's funeral laid bare before the world what black women say they have experienced for generations: sexism and inequality in their houses of worship every Sunday.

6 things you need to know to understand the Jewish High Holy Days
Vox: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and often the intervening period more informally, are known as the High Holy Days within Judaism.
Australia Broadcasting Corporation: Justice in the world: Judaism's drama of judgment and forgiveness

Couple wants to resist mom's church marketing
The Chicago Tribune: Dear Amy: What can be done about my boyfriend's overly religious mother, who repeatedly invites us to attend her church?
The Chicago Sun-Times: Dear Abby: I'm stuck listening to mom's friend yap about religion

Church in crisis as only 2% of young adults identify as C of E
The (London) Guardian: The Church of England is facing a generational catastrophe with only 2% of young adults identifying with it, while seven out of 10 under-24s say they have no religion, research reveals.

The Spark

Bishops, be like parents -- try to be better than you actually are
Melissa Musick Nussbaum has been thinking about shepherds these last weeks and about parents and about how alike the roles are. Both shepherds and parents have one task, she writes at The National Catholic Reporter: to take care of their flocks. "That's it. That's the whole thing."

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