Monday's News & Ideas - 8/7/2017

  • Hillary & faith, post election
  • CBN reinventing itself
  • NYC houses of worship 4 sale
  • Chaplains & the art of listening
  • Praying for your spouse
  • Theme park for his daughter

Hillary wants to preach
The Atlantic: Religion is playing a big role in Clinton's post-election tour. What does she have to gain from sharing her faith now?

Understanding the Christian Broadcasting Network, the force behind the latest pro-Trump TV newscast
Vox: The network behind Pat Robertson's "The 700 Club" is reinventing itself for a new generation.

Struggling to survive, congregations look to sell houses of worship
The New York Times: Across New York City, religious leaders are making deals with developers and neighbors are fighting the proposals.

How chaplains master the art of listening
Deseret News: Chaplains spend thousands of hours perfecting skills that many people assume come naturally: sitting and listening.

Frustrated with your spouse? These scientists suggest a specific kind of prayer
The Washington Post: Praying daily for one's partner has been linked to numerous positive outcomes: increased relationship satisfaction, greater trust, cooperation, forgiveness and marital commitment.

The Spark

How one man built a $51m theme park for his daughter
A father from Texas realized there were no theme parks where his disabled daughter could play. So, as the BBC reports, he decided to build one.

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