Monday's News & Ideas - 8/6/2018

  • New Hybels accusations
  • Bolz-Weber leaves her church
  • Duke Div dean steps down
  • How religion changed in 1968
  • Hymnbook history
  • Podcast bros fill the gap

He's a superstar pastor. She worked for him and says he groped her repeatedly.
The New York Times: Former assistant is not the first to accuse Bill Hybels of wrongdoing, though her charges are more serious than what has been reported before.
Christianity Today: Hybels heir quits Willow as new accusations arise before global leadership summit

Headed for a larger stage, Nadia Bolz-Weber leaves her 'house' in order
Religion News Service: Seen as a tattooed rebel when she founded Denver's House for All Saints and Sinners, Nadia Bolz-Weber leaves her church a decade later as a model for mainline Protestant outreach.

Duke Divinity School dean steps down as diversity struggle continues
Religion News Service: Duke Divinity School's first woman dean, Elaine Heath, has stepped down after a brief and rocky two-year tenure marked by student protests and struggles to build diversity on campus.

The religious world changed in 1968, but not in the ways we think
Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Media and academics in the late 1960s wanted a progressive, secular-leaning, ecumenical future, and wrote as if it was inevitable, says Philip Jenkins.

What we lose when hymnbooks disappear
Christianity Today: "The Hymnal: A Reading History" is the only large-scale history and literary reading of hymnals, those "small companion[s]" that traveled with parishioners from church, home, and school

The Spark

The podcast bros want to optimize your life
At The New York Times, Molly Worthen writes that podcasters have become a significant cultural phenomenon, spiritual entrepreneurs who are filling the gap left as traditional religious organizations erode and modernity frays our face-to-face connections with communities and institutions.

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