Monday's News & Ideas - 8/28/2017

  • Charlottesville & Christian failure
  • Choosing church
  • Alt-right & alt-Christianity
  • How KKK priest was outed
  • Theology & uninterested students
  • Memorize that poem!

U.S. political climate results from 'theological malpractice,' D.C. pastor says
The Washington Post: The faith community, particularly the Christian community, must see the events of Charlottesville as symptomatic of our failure, says the Rev. William H. Lamar IV.

Choosing church
Cardus: There are lots of reasons to avoid church, but here are the reasons to look again.

The 'alt-right' has created alt-Christianity
Time: White nationalism isn't simply an extremist political ideology. It is an alt-religious movement that provides its adherents with its own twisted version of what all religions supply to adherents: identity, community, and purpose, says Brian McLaren.

How I discovered my childhood priest was in the Ku Klux Klan
The Washington Post: A former parishioner explains how she stumbled onto a discovery that would eventually prompt a Catholic priest to step down temporarily from his public ministry.
The Washington Post: Priest who left KKK is testing parishioners' ideas about redemption

How modern technology helped me teach theology to uninterested college students
America: Theology is impotent and irrelevant when simply presented as a set of ideas, doctrines or conclusions to be passively internalized, says Ellen B. Koneck.

The Spark

Memorize that poem!
Since ancient times, humans have memorized and recited poetry. But as Molly Worthen notes in The New York Times, poetry memorization has become deeply unfashionable. But now may be the time to bring back poetry memorization.

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