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  • Black church, holy & healthy
  • Craig Dykstra profile
  • Pastor Charlie
  • Close to home in Philly
  • Respecting skeptics
  • The busy trap

African American churches focus on being holy and healthyWashington Post: African American churches in D.C. and across the country lead the fight against obesity with exercise classes and programs to encourage more healthful eating.

Craig Dykstra: Religion and Lilly EndowmentReligion & Ethics Newsweekly: Lilly grants and Craig Dykstra's religion convictions have had a profound influence on thousands of Christians and helped restore vigor to many congregations.

Pastor Charlie's saving graceAlbany (N.Y.) Times Union: Former used-car salesman reinvents himself as a selfless savior for at-risk children in the poorest, most crime-ridden inner-city neighborhoods of Albany.

Church scandal hits close to homePhiladelphia Inquirer: It is nearly impossible to have been raised Catholic in Philadelphia region and not know or have crossed paths with someone touched by the abuse.

You've got to respect skeptics. Unlike many in church, they want to talk GodThe (London) Guardian: Much atheism in the parish is mere shoulder-shrugging indifference. At least you don't get that with the skeptics.

Jews, Christians and Muslims study together at Hartford SeminaryThe Hartford Courant: In precedent-setting move, three Jewish Theological Seminary students make the pilgrimage to liberal Hartford Seminary.

The Spark

The 'busy' trapYou've probably had to listen to a lot of people tell you how busy they are. It's become the default response when you ask anyone how they're doing: "Busy!" "So busy." "Crazy busy." But as Tim Kreider writes in The New York Times' Opinionator blog, it's not as if any of us wants to live like this; it's something we collectively force one another to do.

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