Monday's News & Ideas

  • Fear of boredom
  • Power of trust
  • Next Presiding Bishop election
  • America's editorial shift
  • Pastor goes homeless
  • Eloquent gestures

Our fear of boredom is simply a fear of coming face to face with ourselvesThe (London) Guardian: The Sunday morning hour, like the therapeutic hour, is a place to contemplate our capacity to deal with the fear of emptiness.

The power of trustBig Think: August Turak's experience with the Trappist monks of Mepkin Abbey holds some valuable lessons on how to get and maintain trust.

Sink, swim or walk on water: election of the next Presiding BishopDaily Episcopalian: In a sense, the selection of the next Presiding Bishop is so unimportant that the Church could rely on a serendipitous selection. The only real hope comes from bottom-up rather than top-down change.

America, a popular intellectual Catholic magazine, bans terms 'liberal,' 'conservative'Washington Post: America's editor in chief talks about changes at the 104-year-old Jesuit magazine.

New Clarksville pastor goes undercover as homeless man for weekThe (Nashville) Tennessean: Newly appointed pastor went undercover, living on the streets for a week and learning about the homeless. It was not comfortable.

The Spark

When Italians chat, hands and fingers do the talkingFrom the classic fingers pinched against the thumb that can mean "Whaddya want from me?" or "I wasn't born yesterday" to a hand circled slowly, indicating "Whatever" or "That'll be the day," there is an eloquence to the Italian hand gesture, The New York Times reports. In a culture that prizes oratory, nothing deflates airy rhetoric more swiftly.

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