Monday's News & Ideas - 7/31/2017

  • Rob Bell in the Bible Belt
  • Clergywomen narrowing pay gap
  • Disabilities & Christian silence
  • Street preaching or holy harassment?
  • Charlotte seminary's online shift
  • Peeking in the medicine cabinet

Outlaw pastor Rob Bell shakes up the Bible Belt
CNN: Going to hear a pastor preach on a Sunday afternoon is considered an act of piety. But when that pastor is Rob Bell and he's speaking in the heart of the Bible Belt, it's subversive.

Study: Clergywomen close gender pay gap to 7 cents on the dollar
ARDA: Women ministers are making dramatic strides in achieving equal pay with male clergy. But that's not to say they still do not face significant obstacles to equal pay.

This is why disabled people were so devastated by the Christian silence on health care
The Washington Post: Many know more about health-care legislation's impact on middle-class families' premiums than on disabled people's ability to live at all.

Holy harassment? Church's presence on downtown Auburn corner a divisive subject
The (Auburn, N.Y.) Citizen: The intersection of Genesee Street and Loop Road can be a busy one, but on Friday evenings, many steer clear of it for another reason.

With more students streaming classes online, school plans to sell campus and find smaller facility
The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer: With a majority of its students now taking classes online rather than on-site, Southern Evangelical Seminary is selling its 10.7-acre campus in Matthews and plans to move into a smaller facility next year.

The Spark

What drives us to peek in someone's medicine cabinet?
Checking out the host's medicine cabinet is not unusual behavior for guests and other visitors, Krystal D'Costa writes in Scientific American. About 40 percent of people will snoop in their host's bathroom if given the chance. Anthropologically speaking, what are they really hoping to find?

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