Monday's News & Ideas - 7/30/2018

  • Cardinal McCarrick resignation
  • Quebec's radical church makeovers
  • Religious freedom meeting
  • Peace & your neighbor's faith
  • US/Turkey pastor fight explained
  • Overestimating our intelligence

No question, Pope Francis made history Saturday on McCarrick
Crux: Though the full meaning of Saturday's turning point will be unpacked for some time to come, here are three quick take-aways from John Allen about what it means.

Where churches have become temples of cheese, fitness and eroticism
The New York Times: After a sharp decline in attendance, dozens of churches across Quebec have been transformed -- into university reading rooms, luxury condominiums, cheese emporiums and upmarket fitness centers.

The Trump administration convenes the 'Super Bowl' of religious freedom
The Atlantic: The event has sent a strong message that the U.S. wants to spread democratic values -- if only the president will cooperate.

Knowing your neighbor's faith is path toward peace, understanding
ARDA: An Algerian journalist asked people all over the world what they would most like people to know about their faith. The recurring themes: Peace, universal love in this life and the next, mutual respect.

Why the US and Turkey are fighting over a US pastor
Vox: "Washington's been doing the right things on the Brunson case for kind of the wrong reasons," an expert says.

The Spark

Americans stubbornly continue to overestimate their intelligence
Pacific-Standard reports that, in a large national survey, 65 percent of Americans expressed the belief that they are smarter than a typical person. To no one's surprise, this bias was stronger among men than women.

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