Monday's News & Ideas - 7/2/2018

  • Women's ordination & trust
  • Global institutions under threat
  • Step up, Boomers
  • S.Ct.'s inconsistency on religion
  • Gangs & evangelicals in El Salvador
  • History of the s'more

New research shows that women's ordination boosts trust and commitment among some
Religion News Service: Survey results show that it matters less to women whether the pastor or priest is male or female than whether the congregation allows women to serve as the principal leader at all.

Global institutions are under existential threat
Brookings: Lex Reiffel describes what is driving the growing "de-institutionalization" phenomenon that has put major institutions -- laws, governments, treaties, and international bodies -- on the defensive.

Hey, Boomers! Let's step up and be the elders the church desperately needs right now
Christianity Today: We've been doing this badly, folks. Here are three simple steps to help Boomers become better at discipling the next generation.

The Supreme Court's dangerous inconsistency on religion
The Hill: This issue is particularly important as we consider a nominee to replace Justice Kennedy.
Associated Press: Evangelical leaders downplay potential Roe v. Wade reversal

For some gang members in El Salvador, the evangelical church offers a way out
NPR: "Our message is that [the gang members] should understand there is a life outside of the gang," says evangelical pastor Nelson Moz. "That they can make it, with the help of God."

The Spark

A brief history of the s'more, America's favorite campfire snack
Huddling around a campfire and eating gooey marshmallows and warm chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers may feel like primeval traditions. But as Jeffrey Miller explains at The Conversation, every part of the process-- including the coat hanger we unbend to use as a roasting spit -- is a product of the Industrial Revolution.

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