Monday's News & Ideas - 7/16/2018

  • TEC's 'pastoral solution'
  • Carter's sermon to America
  • Abuse allegations
  • CoE's clergy narcissists
  • Kavanaugh uniting evangelicals
  • Leading an ethical life

Episcopal convention approves a 'pastoral solution' on same-sex marriage
Religion News Service: Same-sex couples will now be able to marry in their home parish even if their local bishop has moral objections to gay marriage, Episcopal Church leaders decided on Friday.

Revisiting Jimmy Carter's truth-telling sermon to Americans
The Conversation: At a time of rising hatred and nationalism, Jimmy Carter's speech -- a sermon that cautioned against excess -- offers a counterexample.

Southern Baptist officials knew of sexual abuse allegations 11 years before leader's arrest
The (Fort Worth) Star-Telegram: The missionary arm of the Southern Baptist Convention knew about allegations against SBC leader Mark Aderholt more than 10 years before he was arrested on charges that he sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl.
National Catholic Reporter: Clergy sex abuse revelations stun, anger Catholics in Buffalo

Church considers psychometric tests as experts raise fears about clergy narcissism
The (London) Telegraph: The Church of England could administer personality tests for trainee priests amid fears it appoints too many narcissists.

Even never Trump evangelicals might be swayed by the Supreme Court
The Atlantic: Brett Kavanaugh's nomination is one sign of unity among divided denominations.

The Spark

It's impossible to lead a totally ethical life -- but it's fun to try
You want to do the right thing. But, as Quartz reports, in a world where it often seems impossible to eat, shop, drive, travel, or pretty much do anything without causing some harm to others and the planet, leading an ethical life seems like a very tall order indeed.

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